Submission Works is a new traffic service that is ‘turning heads’ in the Internet marketing world.

No matter what we do online, it is no good without traffic. If we do not have people coming to your website, blog, offer or ad, we will not make money. Traffic, especially for List Building, can be expensive. A solo ad run for a day or 2 can cost $80 for 100 clicks. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will get any great results.

Submission WorksWith this in mind, I decided to try Submission Works. This is an online advertising service that charges $59 for the month.  Their automated software promotes your links through a bunch of different advertising media. I have been told article marketing sites, social media, You Tube, and Google search engine most commonly. We do not get to see where the links are promoted. I got a sneak peak by using Pretty Links and checking the ‘Hits.’

I can add up to 7 links  to Submission Works and that is all I have to do…nothing else. Then sit back and waited for the traffic.

Lest I forget, if you decide to try Submission Works, track your links as they do not offer any type of statistic. Their website offers nothing to show the progress of their service.

submission works BOXI have read good reviews about the Submission Works service. It is even being promoted as the best thing to promote Empower Network. How come I have no such luck? at the time of posting, I still have not received an Empower signup through Submission Works.

For some offers, I get lots of traffic, for other offers, I receive just a trickle of clicks. I was comforted when I read several reviews of Submission Works that said some of your links will improve over time. I have proven it to be true. Some links start off slowly for a few weeks, then they gather momentum and traffic starts pouring in.

What kind of results have I been having so far? Three Pure Leverage leads.  One became a sale. That is $25 commission from $60 so far. My other 6 links only show clicks; no opt ins, no sales.The month is not over so there is still hope.

Is it worth it? I honestly do not know, but Rome was not built in a day. The traffic picks up over time as I have proven. That means, I should give Submission Works more time. I am consoled by the thought that there are not many businesses that make a profit right away. As long as there is momentum, there is hope.

Other people are having great results with Submission Works, though. Here is a user experience I found on the Warrior Forum:

I just wanted to post an update on my progress with this service.

It has been close to 2 weeks since my last update. I’m on day 23 of my first month.

During to the past 11 days I have brought in $203.53 bringing my total earnings from this traffic source to $339.76 for the month.

$339.76 – my first months $59.95 membership fee = $279.81 profit on the month.

I contribute the roughly 50% increase in sales during the second half of my test to the swapping of links in my account. I decided to remove capture pages that were yielding lower optin rates as well as pull the links that had yet to convert a sale.

I would also assume that the software works better the longer you us it. You would think some of the ways Submission Works advertises our links would be faster acting than others so I’m expecting the traffic quality does increase over time. The volume I’ve noticed sure has.

I will renew Submission Works for the second month of my internet marketing story and report on the results. Although it has not started off well, I still have confidence that it is going to get better.

Check out Submission Works.