What Is Guest Posting?

What is guest posting and how can it help our link building efforts? Guest Posting is the art of writing articles and getting other blogs to post these articles on their site.

what-is-guest-postingIn exchange, we get a link (or links) back to our blog or website. These links become backlinks pointing to our site that builds our site’s strength. This increased strength shows up in improvements in our search engine rankings. This is why guest posting is now a highly prized off-page SEO strategy.

Page Rank

The higher the Page Rank of the blog on which we post, the greater benefit we derive from the backlink. Page Rank is Google’s way to rank sites by quality and authority.

On the flipside, blogs with higher PR’s are usually harder to give guest posts. It is a case of simple demand and supply. The higher Page Rank blogs are overwhelmed with requests for blog post. Some webmasters of high PR blogs sometimes get frustrated and reject all requests for guest posts, as is the case here.


niche-related-keywordsRelevance plays a big role in guest posting success. If the site is not in your niche, the backlink will not be of as high a value. For example, if your niche is ‘acne,’ a backlink from another acne blog would score highly compared to a link from say, a ‘travel’ blog. What is guest posting and how can it help our link building efforts?

How Guest Posting Can Help Our Link Building Efforts

Guest posting became big after Google’s destructive updates. Before the Penguin update (when the Article directories took a hit), article directory submission was the way to go. Sites like Ezine Articles were prized places to get backlinks. All marketers did was post an article and add links. They easily got their high PR backlinks. Over-zealous marketers, as usual, abused the system by posting poorly spun, unreadable content. These were showing up at the top of Google’s search results. Google had to stop it, and they did. Now article directories do not have the value they once had. Marketers are scrambling to do guest posting.

backlinks-seoWhat is guest posting and how can it help our link building efforts? Google now places value on guest posting. They know how difficult it is to get permission to post on other blogs. The blog owners have to first satisfy themselves that our writing skills are up to their blog’s standard. Then we have to post quality Google standard content, as no sane blog owner is going to allow us to post sub-standard content. We therefore have a SEO link building process that ensures quality content for Google.

The Benefits of Guest Posting

1. Provides a niche or keyword specific, related Backlink
2. Provides free articles to our site if we allow guest posting
3. Provides quality content for our site if we allow guest posting
4. Possibility of getting link from high Page Rank site
5. Develop relationship with other bloggers

The Guest Posting Process

If you decide to do guest posting, just type in “blog: your website keyword” in the Google search box. It will return blogs related to your keyword. You could also use “blog: your niche” for more results.

Next, contact the webmasters using the contacts provided on their blogs and tell them you wish to make a guest post on their blog. Let them know you have a similar blog and you are able to write on the topic. Give them your blog address for them to see examples of your articles. If you guest post on other sites, give them a link to these articles. Tell them titles of articles you can write. Make sure they do not have these topics on their blog. Tell them that in return, you want either a short author bio containing a link to your blog.

You can then join their blogs and you will be given author or contributor status. Post your article.

Quality Content

Here is one big tip if you wish for success. Write your best post.

quality-contentWhen writing Guest Posts, the better your content, the more likely it is to be accepted. The more times it is read, the more exposure you will get and the more chances of people clicking on your link at the bottom of the post. Try to make your post interesting and Google Search friendly. Write a minimum of 500 words that is keyword optimized. The better posts will be accepted by the higher PR blogs. Try to make your post one of the better ones.

Problems With Guest Posting

It is getting harder to get guest posting opportunities. Whenever marketers find something that work, they abuse it. Desperate to get backlinks, they swamp the high PR blogs with their requests, making it harder for everyone else.

can I write a guest postSome programs including Niche Profit Classroom 4.0, recommend Guest Posting. NPC 4.0 recommends it as the primary method of getting high rankings for niche sites.

The best bet is to get join a website that specializes in guest posting.

My Blog Guest

What is guest posting and how can it help our link building efforts? There are guest posting sites where blog providers and guest post seekers meet and negotiate. My favorite is My Blog Guest. Here you can get blog posts for your site free.

I have been a member of My Blog Guest for over 6 months, but it is a service I could have used more than I have.

Content providers post their articles and you apply to have it posted on your blog. It is not easy getting accepted, but the real link benefit is received when you post your articles for others to use on their blog. This is their paid Pro service. It is  worth paying for. Check out MyBlogGuest to find out what is guest posting and how can it help our link building efforts. Check out another type of free link building, free forum posting.

You can add your Guest Posts to my Internet Marketing Story.

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